Monday, December 1, 2014

Rammer Jammer~A Video Diary

Have you ever been around that snotty nosed kid that won't accept not getting their way?  You know the one I'm talking about.  The little brat that puts his fingers in his ears while screaming, "I CAN'T HEAR YOU! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!".  Imagine about 200 of those little assholes in head to toe orange and blue.  But instead of the 'I can't hear you' mantra, they manage to come up with something even more annoying.  The auburn fight song.

Yep.  This happened Saturday night, y'all.  I have clocked 5 years experience sitting next to the visiting band.  It isn't always easy but I really do love my section.  Plus, sometimes you get to score awesome pictures like this:
Ironically, with 00:01 left on the clock, about 100,000 of my closest friends and I celebrated a much deserved win over our in-state rival.  Kids, I'm telling ya....  After suffering thru 2010 & 2013, the look of relief on my face would be virtually impossible to duplicate!  Thank the Good Lord I had enough mental facilities in tact to capture it on this selfie video:

But when I think they cannot disappoint me more, auburn decides to go all auburn.  In my 5 years of being next to the visitors' section, I'd never witnessed what I did Saturday.  Typically the opposing team's band plays their fight song once, wipes their tears & takes what is inevitably coming to them like big boys & girls should. But not this bunch.

Let me preface by saying that auburn loves singing their reverse version of Rammer Jammer.  They love it so much, they even sung it earlier this very basketball season to a team not named Alabama.  So when it was time to sing Rammer Jammer in Bryant Denny Stadium Saturday, auburn's band decided to play their fight song.

Not once.

Not twice.

But three times.

Just like the little brat blowing snot bubbles and screaming, "I CAN'T HEAR YOU", I suppose auburn thought that by playing their fight song enough they could change the outcome.  Hey auburn!  We still beat the hell out of you!  You could've played that fight song until Sunday and the score would have still put us in the ATL next Saturday while you're paying yet another coach not to show up for work this morning.

I guess you are probably asking what in the world does one do in that situation?  I clearly didn't put the drum major's head thru a bass drum because I really wanted to make it thru the weekend arrest free.  Instead, I did what champions do.  I just got louder....

Saban once said, "Eliminate the clutter and all the things that are going on outside and focus on the things that you can control & how you go about & take care of your business".

After we beat auburn Saturday night in Bryant Denny Stadium, that's exactly what I did....

ROLL TIDE, Y'ALL!  Go to hell, auburn!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Iron Bowl Problems

For the last month, I've been struggling with a really difficult life decision.  I'm not talking about where to plan my next vacation or what color to paint my kitchen, y'all.  This is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than that....  See, I am the proud owner of a couple of Iron Bowl tickets & I've been really torn about what I should do with them.  Before you roll your eyes and label this a first world problem, hear me out & you'll understand why it's been so hard deciding should I stay or should I go.

Reason #1
I really hate Auburn, y'all.  This is not your typical run of the mill kinda hate either.  I despise everything about them.  I hate their fans.  They're truly the most annoying fanbase in all of college football.  I hate the way they not only think God is a football fan but he is, in fact, an auburn fan.  I hate the way they make signs saying things like, "God Thing" while guzzling bourbon and cursing at opposing fanbases.  I hate that they dress their mascot up like an angel.  I'm not kidding.  They dress
Aubie up in an angel costume complete with wings and a halo.  Who even does that?  Auburn.  That's who.

I hate how they ridiculed The University of Alabama back claiming championships yet when given the opportunity to do the exact same thing, they were 'all in'.  Because that's what little brother does....  I hate that they cannot even admit their little brother mentality and in the same breath explain how they wouldn't trade a loss in the last National Championship of the BCS era for the last second win over Bama.  Speaking of which, I hate that they aren't even original when they do have bragging rights.  If I had a dollar every time I've heard, "Got a second?", I'd go invest in a quarterback like they did in 2010.

I hate Patrick Fain Dye, Phillip Marshall, Rob Bramlett, Stan White, & The Never To Yield Foundation.  That school has more yes men than Kim Jong-un.  I hate Toomer's Corner & how they seriously believe that their poisoning is equal to the devastation that hit Tuscaloosa on April 27th, 2011.  Look, I realize it sucked that their trees got poisoned.  I've been to Toomer's before.  Heck, I even rolled a tree once (let's keep that between the 2 of us).  But to compare it to an event where lives are lost & homes destroyed is just.... Well, it's just auburn.  If we could move them to the East & only play them every few years, I'd be all for it.  Not because I'm intimidated.  I just hate dealing with them.

Reason #2
The 2010 Iron Bowl.  This game is the worst experience I have ever had in the hundreds of games I've attended in my lifetime.  People often ask me what my most painful loss is and without hesitation I scream this game.  And it's not really even close.

After having the opportunity to attend every single game of the 2009 perfect season, 2010 had already been a pretty deflating experience.  In contrast, I got to witness The Cam Show live and in person on 3 separate occasions that year & had prepared myself for the curb stomping that seemed inevitable.  After working to have the intestinal fortitude to stomach a defeat by our rival in our house, my best friend and I made our way down 59 to T-town.  It was sleeting and cold but I took solitude in a pitcher of yellow hammers and a pretty awesome tailgate.  When it was game time, I put my big girl britches on and we made our way to our seats.

Imagine my surprise when we came out guns a blazing.  My gosh, if I could bottle the high the first half of that game gave me I'd be a very rich woman right now.  Being a former pageant girl, I have always had the mentality that if you can't win the crown at least spill bleach on the odds on favorite's dress, right?  

Then came the second half.  Ingram had the ball knocked out and I'm fairly certain there's several laws of gravity that were broken. Never before and never since have I seen a ball roll that far in a straight line.  I'll never forget it.  Have you ever had life happen in slow motion?  I have. During that play.  And I still have phantom shoulder pains after watching Barron so close.... Yet so far away.  I've never left a game so broken.  And to add insult to injury, an accident caused our 45 minute trek back to the comfort of our beds ended up taking us almost 4 hours.  I hate that day.

I hate auburn.

Reason #3
The 2013 Iron Bowl.  While many Bama fans refer to this as their worst game, it only ranks second in HT's history of being a Bammer.  All season long, we had images of a threepeat dancing in our heads.  It was a foregone conclusion that traveling to the plains was just a business trip away from the SEC Championship Game.  We had this.

However, by the time I made it to Clanton that morning to pick up mom on the way to auburn I knew.  For some reason, in the 40 minute trip to my childhood home Punt Bama Punt played 4 times.  As I walked thru the door, I looked at my parents and said, "we're gonna lose today".  Not ever being one to listen to my sixth sense coupled with being jail raped over the price of admission, I ignored this awful feeling and off we went.

That entire day sucked.  My mom was taken aback by how poorly we were treated by the war eagles.  Let me be clear, we weren't spat on or had drinks thrown on us.  It was more of how I would imagine a leper felt walking thru town in Biblical times (oh, the irony).  I don't need to replay how everything went down because ESPN is reminding you every 4.2 minutes all week long.  However, I will tell you that the long walk to the car further proved that there was no religion in auburn that night.  Those fans screamed every expletive in the book at my mom & me.

So there's my problem.  History shows that the old cliche' of throwing the record books out the window for this game isn't true.  Most of the time, the team that should win does.  I just happen to have very raw memories of 2 very painful losses.  And a mighty strong distaste for all things auburn.

In the end, I have decided to go.  I believe we'll win Saturday and win convincingly.  I'd be so depressed not being able to be a part of Rammer Jammer while feeling the sweet euphoria of beating the war eagles.  I'm pretty sure I've earned it, right?

 After all, "Don't you know how much I hate these <bleeping> guys?"....

Roll Tide. Beat Auburn.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Today I Learned....

Today is my definition of the perfect Sunday afternoon.  I'm currently snuggled up on the couch in my jammies with Lex dog curled up next to me.  In the background, a horror movie is playing.  Outside the rain is coming down which will most assuredly contribute to the nap awaiting me in the very near future.  As I'm laying around enjoying the rainy day in all of it's glory, I've uncovered some pretty interesting facts, figures, & really cool useless bits of information as we head into rivalry week.

I seriously cannot think of a player or team that has ever more universally hated than Jameis Winston & the FSU Seminoles.  Sure, many in the SEC joined together to secretly wish atrocities against Cam Newton & the 2010 auburn war eagles.  But every week pretty much every college football fan in the nation outside of Tallahassee rallies together to pull for whoever's playing FSU.  And every week, we walk away disappointed. 

Will Muschamp will lead his Florida Gators onto the field for the final time Saturday in Tallahassee.  Any rational person or anyone who has been subjected to the Gator offense under Boom's reign knows how far-fetched that possibility is.  But in my best Lee Corso voice, "NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND".  Ten years ago, Florida had an equally inept head coach named Ron Zook.  And like Muschamp, he led his mighty gators into Doak Campbell stadium after he had been fired.  The team's record was 6-4 & they were going against a #10 ranked Seminole squad. He left victorious that day defeating FSU 20-13.  Saturday, Boom will lead his mighty gators into that same stadium with the same record facing that same top 10 team.  Can history repeat itself? I sure as heck hope so!

After shutting out the Ole Miss Rebels Saturday, Bret Bielema's Razorbacks are the first unranked college football team to shut out ranked opponents in back to back weeks.  After beating LSU, one could justify it as a team on the rise beating up an emotionally & physically broken LSU squad who had just suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Crimson Tide.  But after Saturday's complete and total domination of Ole Miss, I think it's fair to welcome Arkansas back to big boy football.  That 14-13 win doesn't look quite so bad now, does it?

Outside of Danny Kanell's delusions, one would be hard pressed to find anyone to argue against the SEC being the dominant conference in college football.  As a matter of fact, this conference pretty much owned the BCS National Championship Trophy until auburn had to go screw up the streak.  And until they let an ACC team take away our bragging rights, the SEC West had a strong hold on it for 4 straight years.  However, even during that streak we could count on at least one Mississippi school and Arkansas to be an easy win.  Not this year!  With Saturday's performance, every single school in the SEC West in now bowl eligible.  Maybe the ESPN Gameday guys should reference this little nugget next time they want to bash the cupcake games sprinkled into the season.  Heck, if those cupcakes weren't on the schedule we'd all be fielding scout teams by November.

Auburn is just a small town in West Georgia.  For the first time in several years, the Iron Bowl will be played at night in Bryant Denny stadium.  Don't listen to the cliches' about throwing the record books out the window.  That's completely untrue.  The team that is supposed to win typically does.  I was there for the 2010 Iron Bowl.  I travelled to the plains for the 2013 Iron Bowl.  And I'll be there Saturday.  I am not looking for revenge this week.  I expect a mother f@#$!%* reckoning!!!

Roll Tide, y'all!!!  Let's beat the hell out of auburn!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Can I Get A Roll Tide???

On a really cold February afternoon in 2009, I sat in the parking deck of DCH Hospital in Tuscaloosa.  I was there to call on Coach Paul Bear Bryant's Cardiologist.  But Trent Richardson was scheduled to announce & sign with Bama at 4 pm.  Dr. Hill could wait.  Thank goodness he did.  I was reminded of that day while watching Bama take on Western Carolina just now.  So many times I have asked myself, "Crimson Chaos, why do you let the decisions of 18 year old kids you don't even know distract you so much?".

Thank you Tyren Jones, Altee Tenpenny, Chris Black, Robert Foster, ArDarius Stewart, the list goes on.... For reminding me!!!  Dear Lowered, this team is deeper than a Blue Tuna Tiger blog post in 2010.  Lucky for us Bammers, the only difference is this is real life!  How can a card carrying Bammer not love Chris Black?  This kid has worked his butt off & done everything the right way!!!  His intensity & drive to be a part of a winning program is just contagious.  And what about Tyren Jones?  How many defenders will have nightmares after trying to defend that madman?  That kid runs like he's trying to kill somebody!!!

I've fallen head over heels in love with this team for so many reasons!  Granted, they tend to scare the hell out of me more than I care to admit, but they just have that 'it' factor.  And before you chicken littles remind me of the start against a team who was shut out by Chattanooga by 51 points, I have a few points you may not have considered......

I.  Injuries
What the ever loving hell???  We had key players dropping like flies tonight!!!  It's very worrisome.  However, after talking with a few folks better versed in strength & conditioning than me, I feel somewhat better.  Coming off what is always our most physical game of the year in LSU on the road coupled with hosting the #1 ranked Mississippi State will get you beat worse than a white dude in Ferguson, MO.  Furthermore, the war eagles are dealing with the same circumstance so don't expect them to come into Bryant Denny bright eyed and bushy tailed....

II. ESPN Gameday Was Wrong Today
The ESPN Gameday show threw a few punches at the SEC today due to what has become the annual weekend of shitty football.  Look, I got no problem with a couple of cupcakes on the schedule.  As a matter of fact, I think it's complete bullshit to argue against it when you're using the SEC West as your example.  ESPECIALLY this year.  At least we can usually count on at least 1 Mississippi school & Arky to suck.  But not this year.  These kids are beating the hell out of each other & need some breathers.  Furthermore, as tonight's matchup proves, never count out an FCS school.  Just ask Appalachian State & La Monroe.

III.  Cancel The Check
With the controversy surrounding playing FCS teams, maybe said teams might need to realize the state of their athletic programs if we weren't cutting some really fat checks to your schools.  I assure you, our athletic department didn't make this date & cut a half a million freaking dollar check if they knew what a dirty bunch of shits the catamounts really are.  Chop blocks & just straight up aiming for the knee solo was a major theme of this game.  I hope DivI programs all take note of the dirty play that occurred today and hit this thug team straight up in the pocketbook.

IV.  Don't Call Us Racist
I'm a committed sports talk radio listener.  And I've heard all the disgruntled callers call our program racist for years!!!  Sometimes I even wondered if we were a little racist.  But when that white guy scored a touchdown tonight I knew that was bull!!!  You don't have to be black to score for Alabama, y'all!!!!

V.  History
For those of you that have lost confidence in the ass whooping we will lay on auburn next week;  In 2011, Georgia Southern came into our house and laid 21 points on us.  The final score was 45-21.  The next week we rung the barn's bell with a score of 42-14.  We went on to embarrass the crap out of LSU in a revenge game that earned us yet another National Championship.

Today stressed me out.  The injuries don't give me a peaceful easy feeling.  But this is what this team does.  They fight.  They win.  And I cannot wait to be in Bryant Denny Stadium next Saturday with my mother singing Rammer Jammer.  I witnessed the 2010 Iron Bowl.  I witnessed the 2013 Iron Bowl. 

When Bama kicks the shit out of auburn Saturday night, I may go streaking... Out of the stadium, thru the quad, and back to the gymnasium.  Bail money may be appreciated.

Today is National Suicide Survivor Day. I lost my friend last year.  I was mad at him when he died.  Talk to your loved ones about suicide.  Tell people you love them every. single. day. 

P.S.S.  I decided not to fuss about the numerous bad calls against this team because I've heard Stan White.  And I don't like it when anyone blesses my heart.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The SEC's Hottest Ticket- Ranking SEC Ticket Prices Down The Stretch

With LSU's mid-season improvement, I've been pondering whether I should make the trip to Baton Rouge this year.  A key factor in this decision is what the tickets are going for.  Clearly, their win over Ole Miss has made this a much more attractive ticket now with ticket prices ranging from $175 to over $2,500 (seriously, who the heck pays $2,500 for a football ticket???).  This revelation coupled with the inaugural rankings released last night got me curious about which match-ups have the most expensive tickets down the stretch.  After a quick trip to Stub Hub this morning, I was able to rank the conference's most expensive tickets for the remainder of the 2014 season.

I.  The Iron Bowl
It should come as no surprise that the hottest ticket is the Alabama Auburn rivalry game.  One can witness the Iron Bowl in Bryant Denny Stadium this November for roughly $312 per ticket.

II.  The Egg Bowl
Though I am not well versed in the prices of the annual Ole Miss Mississippi State rivalry game, I'd be willing to bet a handsome amount that this ticket is not ranked nearly as high as they are this year.  The price of entry into Vaught-Hemingway stadium for The Egg Bowl-2014 Edition is $260.

III.  The South's Oldest Rivalry
Auburn travels between the hedges to take on the Georgia Bulldogs this year.  I'm counting on Gurley & company to be hungry for revenge after last year's 'prayer in jordan hare'.  Tickets for this game are going for $236.

IV.  Mississippi State at Alabama
The Mississippi schools seem to learn quickly that with success come some really expensive ticket prices.  While I have trouble finding someone to even go with me for this match-up most years, this season's ticket is now averaging $215.

V.  Alabama at LSU
Unfortunately for me, this is the lone ticket not currently in my possession this season.  Pretty sure mom's idea about taking me to Death Valley will get nixed when she finds out the average ticket is going for $175. 

VI.  The Rest
6.   auburn at Ole Miss- $124
7.   LSU at Texas A&M- $93
8.   Mizzou at Texas A&M- $87
9.   Tennessee at Vandy- $75 (LOL! New rivalry I guess)
10.  Texas A&M at auburn-  $72
11.  Tennessee at USCe-  $61
12.  Arkansas at Mississippi State-  $55
13.  LSU at Arkansas- $54
14.  Mizzou at Tennessee- $53
15.  Vandy at Mississippi State-  $52
16.   Georgia at Kentucky-  $50
17.  USCe at Florida-  $50
18.  Arkansas at Mizzou-  $47
19.  Kentucky at Tennessee-  $47
20.  The World's Largest Cocktail Party-  $46 (LOL again)
21.  Florida at Vandy-  $44
22.  Kentucky at Mizzou-  $35

Of course, prices will change as teams go down.  But one thing is very clear.  With 3 of the top 5 most expensive tickets on the list, it definitely ain't cheap being a Crimson Tide fan, y'all!!!

Roll Tide!  Roll anyone who can hook me up with some LSU tickets!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The College Football Playoff Committee's First Rankings- My Take

This may surprise you,[p but I love beauty pageants.  I don't necessarily enjoy watching them...  But 20 years ago participating in them, and many years later as my sister's pageant coach were some of the most thrilling times.  Those moments right before they announce the winners where your heart is beating so hard that you are sure others can hear it.  And as the emcee gives the speech that not one person gives a single shit about, all you can think of is, "JUST TELL US ALREADY!".

Of course tonight's first rankings released by the College Football Playoff Committee wasn't exactly the equivalent of someone putting a tiara on your baby sister's head.  The fact is that they don't mean much at all.  Being the resident conspiracy theorist, the reason I was tuned in so closely was just to get a feel on how each conference would be perceived.  I mean let's be honest.  SEC fatigue has become more contagious than a prostitute from Sierra Leone.  I even spent some time last night building the pic I'd use for the post I'd inevitably write after watching my beloved conference get jumped. Ya know... Because we all know this committee was born out of the hatred of 2 SEC teams playing for the National Championship just 2 trophies ago.

Don't get me wrong, my initial reaction was no different than any other Bammer.  The moment they flashed auburn across the screen, I began missing the BCS like a lost love you just can't seem to shake.  And honestly, I still miss the BCS like crazy (Call me).  But once my irrational love for Bama & my rational hate for anything orange and blue subsided, I realized this might not be a bad thing.

First of all, let me get this out of the way.  I am in no way an SEC fan.  I'm an Alabama fan.  Most teams in this conference can go die in a fire for all I care.  But I admittedly have been worried about what kind of bias would be involved in the super secret CFPC meetings.  Having such a strong representation in the inaugural top 25 gives me hope that they are really trying to rank the best teams.

There are some major advantages in playing in the best division in the best conference in college football.  The Crimson Tide has a unique opportunity because we have yet to play the 1 & 3( grrr... typing that pisses me off) ranked teams in the nation.  Oh, and we host both teams at Bryant Denny Stadium where we play like a top 4 team week in and week out.  Winning will take care of itself.

Losing sucks.  As a devoted Bama fan, there's never a good loss.  But having the #4 team in the nation as our loss coupled with the chance to play #1 & #3 puts us in a position to control our own destiny.  Yes,  auburn taking down Ole Miss would benefit us greatly.  Keep in mind that Conference Champions will play a big role in this down the road.  Ole Miss has to lose again for us to make it to the ATL.  However, I'm gonna put my faith in Mississippi State because I WILL NOT pull for auburn. EVVA.  Sorry @jdjones12!  I love you but there's just some things this Bammer cannot do!

I won't use the 'this team is young' example.  I'm a thirty-something salesperson, and I am sometimes guilty of pulling off the throttle when my numbers are rocking.  But after such a dynamic start against the Vols, this team undoubtedly lost focus.  Unlike the 2010 team, I don't think it's a problem with entitlement.  It's more of a case of 'We got dis'.  So let me say in my best Nick Saban voice , "This is a tremendous coaching opportunity, aight".

I still don't feel warm and fuzzy about this new system.  Something that was supposed to be so transparent is murkier than the Warrior River.  But if their initial rankings are any indication, I'm gonna need to buy some lottery tickets to hit soon because The Tide's post season will be mighty expensive, y'all.

Nick Saban once said it best.  At the end of the day, "It's not about who you play, I think it's about who you are".

Cuz if it means something to you, you can't stand still!


Thanks to Ricky & Sherri McKee for helping me speak English!  Sometimes it's so hard when you're this passionate! Roll McKees!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hotty Toddy! 4 Interesting Storylines Surrounding This Weekend

For the first time, GameDay hits The Grove this weekend to preview #11 Ole Miss taking on the 3rd ranked Alabama Crimson Tide.  And while their coaches, players, & faculty are dealing with the circus that is ESPN, The Tide is quietly preparing for their business trip to Oxford, Mississippi.  Here are 4 interesting storylines surrounding this 'rivalry':


Saturday will be the 62nd meeting of The Alabama Crimson Tide and The Ole Miss Rebels Black Bears.  Alabama holds a ridiculous lead in the series winning 51-8-2 record.  These 2 teams have met on October 4th 3 times previously:

1930-  Bama 64  Miss  0
1969-  Bama 33  Miss 32
1975-  Bama 32  Miss  6

So we do have the history of October 4th in our corner.


Bama kicker Adam Griffith has been busy making up for the painful end to the 2013 season.  With almost perfect accuracy, he's proven he can deliver game in and game out.  Saturday will be a very special day for Adam as it's the 8th anniversary of him coming to America.   Before that, he was known to others as Andrej Dembrowski & his home was a Polish orphanage.  When he arrived in America with his new family, he couldn't speak a single word of English.  With soccer being a favorite past time in his native country, he was instantly drawn to kicking when he learned about American Football.  And like Bear Bryant many years before, the first game that he saw was the first one in which he played...


I have great respect for what Hugh Freeze has built at Ole Miss.  I admire the drive he's shown throughout his career.  When he was just 22, he made a detour to Knoxville while on his honeymoon.  He & his bride broke into Neyland Stadium & it was there that he promised her he'd be a head coach in the SEC one day.  And in a manner reminiscent of Coach Mal Moore's courtship of Nick Saban, Freeze flew to Miami when he found out Ed Orgeron would be Ole Miss's next head coach.  Determined to be hired to the newly assembled staff, Freeze basically stalked Orgeron until he landed a position.  And when Orgeron was fired, Freeze took the initiative to text Archie Manning regarding the coaching vacancy, "Archie, I have tremendous love for Ole Miss. I would love to serve as their next head coach. Any consideration would be greatly appreciated".  Granted, he sent it to the wrong number, but you gotta appreciate the effort!  Coach Freeze along with the entire Rebel, Black Bear, Hotty Toddy nation have acknowledged that beating Bama Saturday will be the biggest win in the history of the program.  Don't ever sleepwalk on a man with that kind of determination...


ESPN GameDay makes their first trip ever to The Grove this week.  Let that sink in for a second.  They've been to podunk North Dakota.... Twice.  Yet they've never deemed the University of Mississippi football program worthy of their presence till now.  Forget about Bo Wallace's hot arm, Blake Sims gimpy shoulder, O-Line questions, Secondary concerns... This will most likely be the very reason that The Tide Rolls Saturday.  Even a storied program like The University of Alabama fell victim to the spotlight in 2011 when ESPN came to town touting the LSU-Bama match-up as 'The Game of the Century'.  Coach Paul 'Bear' Bryant famously said, "Act like you've been there before"...  But in Ole Miss's defense, how can you when you, in fact, have not been there before?


Bama won't be able to sleepwalk thru Saturday.  I imagine it'll take several hot toddies to get my nerves in check.  I am actually enjoying Ole Miss fans exuding so much confidence this week.  Let them eat cake.  Just know they'll be in a diabetic coma Saturday evening.  And when everything is said and done, we'll remember the age old quote:

Ole Miss may not win every football game... But they never lose a party.  Party on, Hugh!  Party on, Bo!